Поставити під множина. 1.This man is an engineer.2. That woman is my

Поставити під множина. 1.This man is an engineer.2. That woman is my sister.3. That goose is big.4. This mouse is white. 5 This man is a doctor. 6 That woman is my cousin.7 That girl is my niece. She is a pupil. 8. This girl has a blue sweater. 9. This boy has a good coat. 10. My uncle has a large flat.11. There is a table in the room.12. I have a good pen. My pen is in my pocket.13. There is a flower in the vase.14. This room is very large.15. There is a match in the box.16. Has this lady a knife? .17. There is a man and a woman in the street.18. This lady is that gentelmens wife.19. This shoe is too large for my foot.20. The child is sitting on a bench.21. My tooth is white.22. This key is made of steel.23. A potato is a vegetable and a cheery is a berry.24. This is my friends study.

  • These people are engineers.These women are my sisters.That geese large.These mice white.These people are doctors.These women are my cousins.These girls are my niece.They are students.These women have blue swetry.These boys have nice hair.My grandparents 'large apartment.There are rooms tables. I have a good pens.My pens is in my pocket.There is a flowers in the vases.his rooms is very large.Have matches in boxes.These women have knives.There are men and women on the streets.This shoes is too large for my foots.The children sit on the bench.My tooths is white.This keys is made of steel.A potato is a vegetables and a cheery is a berry /

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